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A Single Moment by AnAngelWannabe A Single Moment :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 1 0 What they are by AnAngelWannabe What they are :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 0 0 Imagine by AnAngelWannabe Imagine :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 0 0 Where I wanted to go by AnAngelWannabe Where I wanted to go :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 0 0
Forward to the beginnng
Turn all the clocks to tell past times
I have memories of the future
   as I grow younger
Within days started with dusk
   and ended with dawn
For the universe has reached the breaking point
And now we're all slowly shrinking
   forward to the beginning
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 1 0
Draw this again Meme by AnAngelWannabe Draw this again Meme :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 3 7 Firebender by AnAngelWannabe Firebender :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 2 0
France:: Perfect Moments
{Perfect Moments}
(May I have your attention, please. This is the sixth and most likely final part of my FrancisxReader fanfic. If you care to read the previous ones please follow the links in the description box.)
Francis cursed under his breath. He was merely trying to hire musicians to play at the restaurant, but the meeting has prolonged beyond planed and the amount of paperwork was just plain ridiculous. He threw a glance at the watch only to find out he would officially be late in exactly two minutes. He felt like smashing something against the wall. Unfortunately, that would make him even more late.
The Frenchman stepped out on the street and caught the first taxi that passed down the street. He tried to adjust his tie in the review mirror, but the truth was there was very little he could do about his appearance now. He was eager to look his best tonight, but he didn’t even have the time to go home and change. He was already late as it is.
He threw his head back and took a
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 25 9
The Smell of Earl Grey by AnAngelWannabe The Smell of Earl Grey :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 22 6
France :: Mesmerizing
(Note: This is part five of my FrancexReader. Links to other parts are in the description.)
Francis was standing outside breathing the cold morning air. He had just finished taking over the fresh vegetables delivered from the market and now he could peacefully enjoy watching as Paris was slowly waking up to a new day. Soft sunbeams peeped out behind the old buildings throwing gentle light on the street. He had a feeling this was going to be a beautiful day.
He closed his eyes for a moment and relished the rare silence of the busy city when he heard light footsteps on the street. He threw a glance only to find a familiar petite figure walking down the avenue dressed in a light summer dress with nothing but a light jacket to keep her warm in the morning cold.
Was it eight already? He checked the watch on his wrist only to find it wasn’t even seven thirty. He raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“Bonjour, Cherie!” Francis greeted her as she stopped next to her
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 34 37
France::Professor Kirkland
{Professor Kirkland}
(IMPORTANT: This is patr four of my FrancexRwader (links to previous parts are in the description), but there's no Francis in this chapter because he's held hostage by ~forevergotenandbra.)
She was nervously fidgeting in her seat while waiting for her English literature class to start. The lecturing hall was packed with impatient students whispering about their new professor. He wasn’t quite favored among students since he had given them the assignment before they even met him. The details were handed to students as they received their time tables and most seemed quite unpleased although she couldn't understand why. It was creative writing they had chosen for their major, so how could writing an essay about a book of their own choice be a problem? But she couldn't be mad at him even if he had given them the most horrible assignment in the world – he was the one who talked her into this course in the first place and she liked to think of him as a friend.
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 23 13
{Rivalry }
(PLEASE READ: This is part three of my FrancexReader series (links to previous parts will be in the description), but there's no reader-san in this part.)
It was late and Francis was just about to leave the restaurant when he spotted a familiar mess of blond hair at the entrance. He was wearing a pair of Pink Floyd themed Converse, black jeans and the ever present union jack shirt under a grey blazer. Arthur Kirkland himself.
“Ah, mon ami!” Francis greeted him cheerfully.
“Hello, frog”, the Brit responded in his thick accent, not moving an inch form the door.
The Frenchman closed the distance between them to give his old friend a hug. It’s been quite a while. The Brit, however, wasn’t very eager to return the favor.
“What brings you back to Paris?” Francis asked as he finally freed the man from his grip.
“I missed the French. You know, their awful inconvenience and creative ways to ruin both person’s suit and manner
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 27 36
SwitzerlandxReader{Stars} [request]
Vash was never fond of parties. They simply weren't his thing. He disliked the loud music, smell of alcohol and sweat, drunken people shouting and roaming around…
So why was he in front of a house full of people ready to engage in such activities? It was because of [Name]. Her parents were out for the weekend and she invited him to come. A call he was unable to refuse.
He sighed and finally started walking towards the door shoving his hand in his pockets along the way. He was definitely overdressed – his white button-up shirt was too classy and his jeans to tidy, but he couldn’t help himself. He hated looking sloppy.
Just as he was going to reach for the doorknob someone bursted out of the house carrying two bear bottles in each hand. A blond haired boy bumped into him, almost ruining his shirt.
“Sorry, Zwingli”, Alfred yelled with a smile. “Want one?” he gestured towards one of the bottles in his hand.
“No”, Vash refused c
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 40 15
(Authors note: This is a second part of Complicated (I’ll put a link in the description), but can also be read as a oneshot. Pick your own poison!)
It was almost eight o'clock. Francis waited by the window, his eyes set on the avenue bathed in warm sunbeams. She would be there every moment.
Just as expected, the young lady turned the corner just seconds later. She walked in that unusual graceful way, almost like… a model? Perhaps she was one, but Francis doubted it. It’s not that she wasn’t beautiful enough - far from it. But her clothes seemed too casual, her hair was usually polled together in a loose bun and she rarely wore make up. On top of it all she drank hot chocolate every morning – hardly something a model would do. This left him wondering; a lot of things about her seem to have that effect.
She took her usual seat outside and opened a new book. Maybe that’s the wrong word to describe it – the book looked ancient, it d
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 42 41
"So, Francis, do you have your eyes on someone?" Antonio asked looking at him with a glimpse of amusement in his emerald eyes.
He sighed. Indeed, he had his eyes on many women, but there was someone...
She would come to the restaurant every morning. She always sat outside at the same table for two in the right corner. Her order was always the same - a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant. Every morning she would bring along a book – in fact, the books were the only thing that changed. Every few days she would bring a new one. Everything else stayed the same. She would walk in around eight o'clock, sit at her table and open a book. Then he would walk out to take her order. It wasn't his job, really. He was the chef, not a waiter, but he did it anyway. He already knew what she was going to order, but he still came to ask every single day. On bad days she wouldn't even raise her eyes from the page she was on, she would just say 'the usual'. On good days s
:iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 81 21
Walking on Starfishes by AnAngelWannabe Walking on Starfishes :iconanangelwannabe:AnAngelWannabe 1 3


troubled seas II
just like water,
take the shape
of their container.
:iconblessinginthiscurse:blessinginthiscurse 38 14
MISDIRECTION: Complete Film :iconvirum:Virum 146 36
pommegranate by cristina-otero pommegranate :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 1,500 195 Sea of Angels over my city by obereg Sea of Angels over my city :iconobereg:obereg 1,504 44 ... by absentii ... :iconabsentii:absentii 2,519 104 KEEP CALM and DRAW by AntonioNT KEEP CALM and DRAW :iconantoniont:AntonioNT 2,030 243 Clochan an Aifir by anndr Clochan an Aifir :iconanndr:anndr 1,445 41 Reading Addiction by ChantalGalvan Reading Addiction :iconchantalgalvan:ChantalGalvan 22 2 Winter in Paris by takmaj Winter in Paris :icontakmaj:takmaj 11,006 948 After the rain by AquaSixio After the rain :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 13,471 704 Every Cynical by eugeniaclara Every Cynical :iconeugeniaclara:eugeniaclara 134 17 Secret. 13243 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 13243 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 2,356 0 could go right by ErinBird could go right :iconerinbird:ErinBird 742 102 Little More by eugeniaclara Little More :iconeugeniaclara:eugeniaclara 260 19 Steampretty by Hubedihubbe Steampretty :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,669 124 MtG: Gift of Orzhova by algenpfleger MtG: Gift of Orzhova :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 31,654 1,323



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